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This product is being sold at Soul Source, LLC because I have used these products for a number of years and realized with the store that I could be purchased wholesale and thought... perhaps others would enjoy it as well.

"I know what it’s like to not feel enough. When I was struggling with my skin, I never left the house without a full face of makeup. I used to have to put on lotion in the dark as my skin would sting and my eyes would water every morning.

I started cocokind to change the status quo of the beauty industry and break the cycle of “aspirational beauty.”

We are a company that doesn’t need to hide how we formulate, invests in highly effective but gentle formulas, and sets fair prices based on what’s inside the bottle. Most importantly, cocokind exists to ensure that all of us have a safe place in the beauty industry where we’re celebrated and accepted, exactly as we already are."

priscilla (p) tsai, founder and ceo of cocokind

Made in the USA, Cocokind is consistently rated as one of the top products on the Enivronmental Working Group's Skin Deep database:  EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database

"Our sustainability efforts are rooted in substance. We hold ourselves accountable to measuring our carbon footprint annually and getting better at this process every year. We dedicate time and resources to measurement, create tangible goals for reduction, and offset our footprint with our dollars."

Cocokind donates 5% of ALL online sales of their one-for-all balm to One Tree Planted (a nonprofit that plants a tree for every dollar raised) and another 5% to the Loveland Foundation (an organization works to bring opportunity, empowerment, and healing to communities of color, particularly Black women and girls.

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