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Christine's dedication to sourcing and curating eco-sustainable, organic, and locally-made home goods reflects a commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious business practices. Her involvement in every stage of the process, from researching and bargaining to creating connections, ensures that the products meet high standards of quality and sustainability.

Quality Home Goods Made in the USA

A wide and unique selection of products made to last, including:


Bedding and Mattresses - Organic Sheets and Towels - Kitchen Essentials and Cookware - Furniture - Locally Made Wood Crafts - Local pottery – Glassware - Safe and Natural Body Care - Lighting - Decor and Wall Hangs - Baby Essentials - and more!

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Life takes unexpected twists and turns.

Surround yourself with necessities that limit the unknown,

and bring comfort and health to your home. 

Heading 3

Folded Towels

102 East Main Street

Bradford, NH

Operating Hours

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday


Sunday -Monday-Tuesday -Friday Closed

Tel: 603-620-1863

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