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The question I get asked the most is why I opened Soul Source. My general quick answer is - "that's a long story."  The short of it is, there is ample opportunity for us all to purchase inexpensive foreign made products that do not have a positive effect on our overall health. Soul Source is an alternative to that - that from my experience did not seem to exist in my little part of the world. The long story is below.


Why Soul Source ?

Like so many familiar stories, mine arises out of frustration with personal health care issues. Four years ago I sought out Kristen Mahley @ Nourish Holistic Health and Nutrition, I worked with Lisa @ Ohana Yoga Studio, I listened and learned from Kelly and Megan @ Progressive Therapy Services, and Jeff @ Muscular Wellness Treatment Center and have now 'graduated' to working with John @ Individual Fitness. side note: I highly recommend all these professionals - they are all fabulous.


Over the years it has cemented in my mind that we are only as whole as the networks that we create and the safety nets we install. With the encouragement of Kristen, I completed my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner's Certification in November of 2021. I spent the next few months exploring what to do with this new body of knowledge. While there are future nutritional education aspirations, for now there is Soul Source.


I created Soul Source because I have spent considerable time pondering the health effects of the products that are in my home. Does the cookware that I use change the nutritional value of what I'm eating? Do items that I bring into the home prohibit optimal health? I asked myself; what if there was a place where I could rely on that would carry necessities for the home that were not determinantal to my health? I wonder where items come from, who made them, what did it take to get it here and what waste was created along the way, and honestly do I need it at all? I began wondering, "Do other people ask these same questions?"

At Soul Source there are three principles to sourcing products that are sold at our store. Whenever possible, Soul Source will choose to carry products made in the U.S.A. to both bolster our regional economies and reduce transportation infrastructure costs, and because there is higher accountability for safety and transparency. Soul Source will sell products that support historically marginalized populations wherever they are around the globe. Soul Source will strive to sell products that do not contain materials that are detrimental to our society or our personal health. 

The goal of Soul Source is to invest time and energy into sourcing products so that you don't have to. The result is to contribute to making a home feel safer and healthier for your family while building strong regional economies. 

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