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360 Cookware

Soul Source, LLC is proud to carry 360 Cookware. This is heirloom quality cookware made in the USA in the most sustainable way possible.


Companies often claim to be Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly. They recycle office paper and celebrate Earth Day. They apply to be "Certified" in programs which rarely scrutinize applicants. They use headline catching buzzwords in an attempt to climb the green algorithm tree. 360 Cookware also uses words to operate the planets most sustainable cookware factory. Zero, Zero and Zero.


360 Cookware has ZERO EPA Permits, uses ZERO Toxic Chemicals and creates ZERO Landfill Contributions.

  • ZERO Permits. Built in their factory with a veteran workforce of over 400 years of combined knowledge. This knowledge eliminated toxic manufacturing processes in a worker friendly environment. Advanced manufacturing techniques are why they need Zero EPA permits to operate. The EPA actually gave thanks to our dedication to sustainable manufacturing.

  • ZERO Chemicals. By focusing on a high-quality interior cookware finish we avoid all toxic coatings. Avoiding these coatings means they use Zero toxic chemicals in our manufacturing process. They use Tech to replace Toxin which means Zero Toxic Chemicals in your 360 Cookware and Bakeware.

360 Cookware is designed with technology that allows for healthy vapor cooking, heating food faster and at lower temps. It locks in flavor and nutrients eliminating the need for added oils or fats. We aim to provide customers with a unique cooking experience by manufacturing heirloom quality cookware and bakeware made in one of the country’s leading sustainable cookware factories. 360 Cookware offers products that are free of any harmful coatings such as PTFE.

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